Pint Striders

Fleet Feet Seattle Pint StridersDo you love to run? Do you love to socialize? Do you love free stuff? Be a Pint Strider!

Join us for our monthly Pint Striders fun run. Each month a new vendor will sponsor the run, and we'll mix up the themes to keep it interesting. Following the run, we'll enjoy food and drinks at a local watering hole. There will be new gear to demo at the store and prizes to be won at said watering hole. To show off your Pint Striders pride, once you come to five Pint Striders you'll earn a special edition Fleet Feet Pint pint glass. Once you come to ten Pint Striders, you'll earn a special edition Fleet Feet Pint long sleeve tee.*

Upcoming Pint Striders Run: Destination Run, July 13
We're leaving the Hill. Join us for a fun run around a different neighborhood that doesn't have the words Capitol OR Hill in its name. (Destination to be announced really soon) 3 miles at a fun social pace; all paces are welcome. NOTE: 6:30 pm start time.

If you haven't already, complete the online waiver for our Pint Striders series. You only have to do this once, regardless of how many Pint Strider runs you attend.

Once you come to five Pint Striders, you earn a special edition Pint Striders pint glass. Come to 10, and earn a special edition long sleeve Pint Striders tech tee

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