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Metabolic Efficiency Testing Presentation
January 6 / 7:00 pm
Presented by Cari Matthews and Jess Mullen, Real Rehab Sports and Fit First LLC
At this clinic, we will explain the concept of “metabolic efficiency” and how that can improve your health, body composition and performance. We will talk about how nutrition plays a role in all of this. We will also discuss the benefits of a Metabolic Efficiency Assessment (comes with a nutrition consult) and why you'd benefit from it. Come listen and ask questions - we want this to be more of a discussion than a lecture. Here is some info about the testing: 

Metabolic Efficiency Assessment (MET) – Price: $275
This assessment will help you discover how efficient you are at using your almost unlimited fat stores as energy during different levels of exercise. A Metabolic Efficiency Assessment will teach you:
- Your individual physiological and nutrition status
- Your proper exercise intensities and nutrition strategies to improve/progress your metabolic efficiency at different levels of intensity
- Exercise recovery intervals to maximize fat adaptation
- Custom hourly energy intake during exercise
- How to greatly reduce the risk of GI distress
- Includes a one hour NUTRITION CONSULTATION with a registered dietitian
- Includes a Resting Metabolic Test

Jess is a Registered Dietitian for Fit First LLC, specializing in body composition changes, metabolic efficiency, emotional eating and sports nutrition. She also is a running coach and personal trainer for Cascade Endurance. In her free time, she enjoys running in the mountains and hanging out with her husband and two dogs.

Cari work at Real Rehab Sports and Physical therapy, specializing in athlete and patient specialty services such as metabolic testing, bike fitting, surface EMG, and plantar pressure testing, and holds a level two certification for Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist. A long time endurance sports enthusiast, Cari has a passion for competing in Triathlon, running, and cycling events of all kinds. Her passion for endurance sports extends to helping to inspire others to find their passion and reach their goals. Cari strives to do this in the clinic as she works with athletes and patients of all levels. Outside the clinic she enjoys coaching endurance athletes and holds certifications for USAT, and USA cycling.

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Previous Talks

An Evening with Krissy Moehl
October 15 / 7:30 pm
Krissy Moehl's ultrarunning adventures have taken her all over the world. Come for an evening of stories as she talks about her professional ultrarunning career. Krissy's feet found the trails and her ultrarunning lifestyle while working at the Seattle Running Company (now Fleet Feet); her first ultra was the area's own Chuckanut 50k. Native to the Skagit Valley, Krissy has been the race director for the Chuckanut 50k for 13 years. With 16 years of ultrarunning under her belt, she explores the world thru the lens of running and now calls the Pacific NW home once again.

Getting Race Day Ready with Oiselle Birds
June 15 / 7:00 pm
How do you get ready for race day? What is your strategy leading up to your race? What are your race day rituals that get you in the mindset to race? Come hear from two Oiselle Birds share what they've learned throughout their racing careers. From the serious to the silly to the superstitious. We'll be joined by Dr. Lesko, a FAST master's runner, mama of three, NYFW runway model, and family doctor. We'll also be joined by Heather Stephens who ran at Syracuse, coached at Georgetown, and met the Oiselle Ladies at the 2012 Olympic Trials. Oh, this is going to be good!  G-O-O-D! Read more about Dr. Lesko and Heather.

Racing the Rain, Book Reading by John L. Parker 
May 22 / 7:00 pm
Author of Once a Runner, John L. Parker Jr., will be joining us to read an excerpt from his newest novel Racing the Rain. This prequel to the New York Times bestseller Once a Runner vividly captures how a runner is formed, and the endurance, determination, and mindset he must develop to become a champion. Racing the Rain is an epic coming-of-age classic about the environments and friendships that shape us all. Racing the Rain will be released in July. Following the reading, Parker will do a short talk, Q&A, and sign your copies of Once a Runner.

Prevent Injuries with Better Running Posture
April 23 / 7:00 pm
Do you have a 'bad knee' or do you constantly have to manage your hip pain? Come learn about how your running stride and body posture could be causing unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. Dr. Mychal Beebe, from HealthFirst Chiropractic, will spend time sharing about running posture, posture in general and what you can do to prevent injury. Dr. Beebe will talk for about 30 minutes and then open it up to questions.

Running Across Spain on el Camino de Santiago
March 4 / 7:00 pm
Tim and Angel Mathis talk about a runner’s dream vacation traveling from cafe to cafe across Spain with not much more than the clothes on their backs. Details and slideshow about the trail, gear, and their experience. 

Getting Started in Trail Running
February 19 / 7:00 pm
Are you curious about taking your running off road?  Maybe you’ve been getting into trail running and you’re looking to learn more about some trail running basics, or you want to have the ability to ask questions to a couple of more seasoned trail runners.  This is definitely the event for you, and it’s totally free.  Come listen to trail veterans Alison Naney and Brian Morrison discuss the basics of getting started on the trails.

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