A Mother Who Didn't Give Up, Ever

Here's a story about a running mom and how she inspired David to run.  David is a regular at the store. You'll often see him at our Tuesday and Thursday night runs, plus as a mentor of our training programs. Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!  - Andrea
"Who got you started running"  When I answer that I usually answer for my running life Part 2...then it's my friend Karen who suggested we join a boot camp class in 2008 that involved a lot of running.  "Karen, I don't run" gnawed at me...it became a 3 miler, a 4 miler and an 11 miler in 4 days.  I kept going...
But, the original "Who got you started running" is really Pat Brower.  My best friend's mom.  She was a nurse in Olympia, had two kids too smart for their own good...and me around helping her son Gary get in trouble.  We were good kids, never did any harm, but a few things may possibly have been blown up with illegal fireworks, a fire or two started and ropes and pulleys were used for shenanigans far too often. 
Pat was never a small woman...big boned applies...and one day she decided to change that.  She started biking to work instead of driving.  Daily.  Sun, wind, rain, snow... probably only drove 10-15 days a year...13 miles each way.  Until they moved 3 miles further away, then she went further.  Quite literally 'one day'... she started and didn't give up, ever.
Pat lost ~100+ lbs.  Pat got fitter, stronger.

She started extended rides...Olympia to the coast, to Oregon, to California.  Joined several biking clubs.
Then she started to run.  She won her age group in almost every race she entered...it was the 1970's, so early in the running boom, sometimes she was the only one in her age group, but so what?  She was there, she was going and she was going longer and faster every time.
We had to try to keep up...one day we headed out too.  She didn't push us, she set an example, we followed.

I kept going...years after I moved away.  Until running life Part 1 ended with a knee injury in 1991. 

Gary?  He's ridden STP multiple times, the bike was more his thing. 

Pat got us inspired, I never forgot.

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