Best Run Ever: Sweaty and Beautiful

By: Caroline

I think these words together can perfectly describe the best run I've ever had. 
This past August I was lucky enough to spend a few days exploring the running trails around Crystal Mountain resort.  I must admit these runs were a 

challenge! With decent climbs and averaging 10 miles a piece, I felt extremely under qualified for such an adventure. Especially knowing the trip was to end with a 14 miler that would be straight up the side of a mountain. To my surprise over that 14 miles a lot happened!
I doubted my abilities, I had fun, I learned to push and trust myself, unlocking capabilities I didn't know had previously existed! Having nature all around and people near the top made every step of pain worth it. Not to mention the most beautiful view at the top, that overlooked the surrounding woods.
There I stood among the clouds looking down at the mountain, I in my own little way, had conquered! Sure I'd have to run back down but that would be my favorite part! This adventure was my introduction to trail running, I've been hooked ever since!

Each time I think about that journey to the top and feeling flight on the way back down, I get goosebumps. I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience this almost spiritual side of running. It was rather peaceful and wild! After all, we are truly animals by nature ;) 

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