Brand New Gear in Store

Y'all ready for this? (cue the music)

Yesterday was like our birthday; every box we opened at the store was something new! Clothes, shoes, gear, we got it all.  

First up, we received a new Men's clothing line called Athletic Recon. Combining street fashion with techincal athletic apparel, these items had the guys (and girls) on staff excited. The tank and striped top are like butter to the touch. The 6.5 in camo print short comes in the popular 2-in-1 boxer brief style.

We then received our The North Face shipment which included their brand new short sleeve jacket. Yes, short sleeve. There's nothing else like this out there. I was in the back office and could hear Brian excitedly talk about how this was "the ultimate in functionality." Sometimes it rains, and it rains hard. If you have a water resistant jacket, you'll still get wet, but the hope is that you dry quickly. With a waterproof jacket, you're almost certainly going to overheat. That's where this comes in. The short sleeves provides great ventilation to keep you from overheating, while keeping your head, shoulders, and core perfectly dry. It packs into almost nothing, and it's highly reflective on the front, back, and hood. See the reflectivity below?

Next came the Patagonia Duckbill caps. While these aren't technically new to us since we carried them in the Spring, these are the new colors. We sold out of our Spring batch so quickly, that these feel new again. Note: the cute almost five year old is not a gift with purchase.

For all of the Pearl Izumi fans, we have the N3 road shoe in limited edition colors. You can only get these colors at 20 stores across the country, and we're one of them! We're also the only place to get them in Seattle. For those of you familiar with the N2, the N3 is a more cushioned neutral shoe. It also has more aggressive tred which can lend itself to being a road/trail cross-over shoe.

And to round it off, we received our first order of Foot Rubz. Since receiving some demos a few weeks back, our staff can't stop playing with them. For your hands and feet, the Foot Rubz stimulates accupressure points to relax and relieve soreness and tension.

So how's that for our Wednesday shipment?

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