By: Drew

Consistency. I’ve decided that’s what it’s all about with running. It was the running game changer for me (well, in reality the game changer was my first pair of Balega Hidden Comfort socks- omg). Have you ever tried running…sometimes? It’s not great. It’s harder to find your rhythm, the run seems tough and I don’t get as much satisfaction when the run is over. When I’m consistent my running becomes fun, it’s time spent with Samantha, or the dog, or friends, or in nature, or listening to podcasts, or just thinking, or purposefully not thinking. It’s better. 

I don’t think consistency needs to be running a certain distance, or a particular number of times per week. It’s making your running (or whatever your preferred activity is) intentional.

We are getting ready to start our fall session of No Boundaries 5k and Beyond No Boundaries 10k Training Programs, and I’m pretty psyched about it. I’m excited because I get to work with runners and walkers that are tackling a new distance, runners and walkers that are pretty sure they don’t even like running, and runners and walkers that are looking for some consistency.

If you are looking for some consistency in your running, I’d love to see you at one of our upcoming programs! If that’s not your thing, we’ve always got our Tuesday and Thursday community runs from the store and every other Friday morning you can get started the right way with Caroline at Jump Start.

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