Cougar Mountain 14 Miler

By: Jaime

Last week, I ran the Cougar Mountain 14 miler. It's a course I've run on quite a bit, but every time it feels a little different. I highly recommend trying this route if you like longer distances, and especially if you are new to trail running. You get a little of everything. Fun climbs up Lost Beagle, Wilderness peak, Quarry, etc. Fast downhills! Also, one time I found a morel and cooked it for breakfast!

For me, this course allows me to reflect on how my body is feeling and where my fitness level is at. This time, I was feeling strong on the downhills and then at every uphill my tummy started to rumble and my legs felt shaky. This was helpful feedback and let me know that I need to practice my nutrition skills, which are pretty rusty. What will the route tell you? Don't forget to listen. :)

Also there are maps at the trail head. 

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