Drew Took on the Hamster Endurance Run

By: Andrea

Drew is not only our Training Program Director, but he's also on our Hillbillies Team. Last month, Drew headed north for a 12 hour endurance run, and he brought home a little 2nd place trophy. Woot! I asked Drew some questions about the race.

Why this race?
I decided to run the Hamster Endurance Run because for some odd reason I find comfort in timed events that go in a loop. It's great because Samantha (his wife) is my crew and always has food or hydration ready for me when I come around. I was super inspired to sign up for a long run after being at the Sun Top aide station for the White River 50 Mile Endurance Run. I knew I wanted to run a long distance but wasn't sure if I was in shape to run it in the mountains. Small events like the H.E.R. are some of my favorites, usually providing great support and a good community feel.

How many miles did you cover?
Over the 12 hour period I covered 59.8 miles which meant I circled Lake Padden 23 times. I did 12 laps during the first six hours and 11 laps over the second six hours, I was pretty happy about that because it was a good signal that I did at least a decent job of pacing myself. 

What was the highlight of the run?
Oh man, highlights. So many of them. For one, Samantha and I had never been to Bellingham so it was awesome to see a new part of Washington. They had watermelon at the aide station, which was my favorite thing to eat during the run- it's sweet, watery and definitely hit the spot. Does it count as a highlight if there weren't really any low points? That seems weird but I feel like running (or jogging or maybe slogging?) for 12 hours without totally wanting to quit should count as a win, right? Also, there was pizza at the end and I love pizza.

Any races on the horizon?
I'm not currently signed up for any other races. I turn 30 (cue scary music-or maybe a pop hit from the 90's- Boyz II Men?TLC?) in October, so I'd like to run 30 miles for my birthday. Anyone want to join for some or all of that?

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