Electrolyte Drink in India

By: Justine

Last month, I had the pleasure to spend about two weeks traveling around northern India. When I was there I had to do all my training on the treadmill. One of the hotels I stayed at had the most impressive gym I had ever seen, and I was treated like royalty every time I went. Upon arrival, I had to check in to the front desk, where they would then escort me to my treadmill with a tray full of bottled water, towels, and headphones.

After a couple of days, I had to do a more rigorous workout on the treadmill. I think I must have caught their attention because when I returned to my room I found a tray in my room with fresh lime juice, honey, salt, and bottled water. The tray had a sign explaining how to mix the ingredients for an electrolyte packed beverage! It also had an explanation of the benefits for drinking it.

Thought you all might enjoy it as much as I did!

What the sign says:

"Fresh lime water with honey and salt accelerates the human body's ability to rebound from athletic activity by delivering a post-workout blend of minerals, fructose, maltose, vitamin C, and electrolytes from salt.

When consumed after intense physical activity, this refreshing drink speeds the storage of muscle, promoting tissue repair."


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