Finding Her Feet Again

This post comes to you from Katelin, one of the participants in our current Beyond No Boundaries 10k training program. She's shares her thoughts about getting back in it.

By: Katelin

As I ran down Broadway towards the Fleet Feet Store on Tuesday evening, I had a tinge of nervousness about my first training practice of 2015.  Even though I could probably be considered a “seasoned” participant of these 10-week programs, I certainly do not feel like an experienced runner.  After the fall 2014 training program ended in October with a 10k run in Magunson Park, my motivation for running took a steep decline, which was a little disheartening since I had worked so hard since January to increase my cardiovascular stamina.

I first joined the Fleet Feet family last winter when I participated in their couch to 5k group, and as a former high school athlete it astounded me at how quickly your physical abilities can decline. I am finding that the older you get the more the phrase “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is the horrifying truth.  After that first program I was absolutely hooked. It really was this wonderful support system of coaches, fellow runners and staff that this program provides that not only kept me motivated to get up at 7:30 on Saturday mornings for a run, but has helped me succeed in so many of my fitness goals. When I ran my first 10k in June (a mere 6 months after starting this journey) a wonderful mentor stood on the sidelines to support our group as we each passed by, and it was her familiar face that made me smile for a picture after 5 miles of running.

After all those early Saturdays and ups and downs of the past few months I find myself headed for the first practice, nervous about how this run will go and to top it off I’m 5 minutes late (hence the need to run to the store)! After dropping my stuff off I head to the group warm ups that have all ready started, trying to do lunges and high knees while putting on a reflective vest is not going well (don’t worry about me coach I’m all ready warm). After splitting into our 5k and 10k groups, I’m happy to see some friendly faces from training groups past, and I’m excited to be in this familiar park, but with no time to waste we are off on our run.  My first immediate thought is “this is going to be awful” which quickly turns into “this is all ready awful” and “how am I going to make it to Volunteer Park??” Then suddenly my feet find their familiar rhythm, and I remember to relax my shoulders and sync into my running zone.  Its not always easy, but it still feels great and before I know it, I’ve conquered that big hill in Volunteer Park that I was so worried about.  As I’m chatting with some folks post run, I realize I’m not the only one feeling a little anxiety about the program and I remember how much everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace.  That familiar feeling of endorphins after a great run catches up to me as I head home and it changes my entire attitude that evening.  I’m so excited to start this journey again and share my experiences in writing over the upcoming weeks.  Check back for updates, my hope is this project will inspire someone to come check out this opportunity.

Cheers to wonderful year of running in 2015!

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