Helping New Mamas Get their Running Mojo Back

By: Andrea

Alison Naney is an ultrarunner, coach, and new mom. She's putting together a 6 week series to help other new moms get their running mojo back. I recently asked her about running, her program, and motherhood.

What inspired you to offer this class?
As I got back into running after having a baby I realized how much the core takes a beating during childbirth and had a new respect for the all important core muscles and how they relate to good running technique and injury prevention. I thought that I had a bit of a jump on it with my coaching and massage background, but thought there may be lots of people who don't know how to get back to running safely. I also thought it would be fun to meet other new moms. 

So you're a new mama too, what has been the best thing about having a baby? 
Seeing a happy baby every morning when I wake up is by far my favorite thing these days. Having a baby was so empowering and something I'll continually be amazed that I was capable of doing. 

Alison Naney

What has been the hardest thing about balancing your running with the baby?
The hardest thing has been being on call all the time. Fiona takes a bottle now and can store up more, but it's hard not to feel selfish in wanting to get out for a run, even if it means I'll be able to handle difficult moments more patiently. It's been a huge, but interesting, transition to have another being be higher on my priority list than whatever it is that I want to do at any given moment.

What will a typical class in this series be like?
A typical class will be a light jog, then some running specific strength exercises (mainly the core). Running is a great medium to get more aware of our body and how we move in it, something that I found to be a bit foreign after growing a human, so we'll work on ways to "get back in our bodies". Then we'll put those things into practice on a light run again.  

Are there any requirements for the class?
The only requirement for the class is that your doctor or PCP has approved getting back to exercise. The running won't be fast by any means, so if someone is looking for a fast run, they might be disappointed. 

What's your best running tip for new mamas out there?
My best running tip for new moms is to try not to compare yourself to your pre-baby self. I struggle with this, but when I'm feeling good I recognize that my body just went through some massive changes, so I'm essentially a different person than I was and my past PRs, paces and abilities don't matter now. 

What's your best non-running tip for new mamas out there?
My best non-running tip is to trust yourself and do what works for you. There are books written by "experts" on just about any topic with just about any advice, but no one is an expert on what your life is like. 

Thanks, Alison! Learn more about the series and sign up.

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