Hosting the Seattle Premiere of 'The Mountain Runners'

We are excited to be hosting the Seattle premiere of the award-winning documentary, 'The Mountain Runners'.  Q&A will follow the screening, featuring at least one of the two directors,  Todd Warger and Brian Young.  There will be two screenings on Thursday, December 6 and Friday, December 7; both screenings will begin at 8 pm.  Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to fund the Seattle Running Club.

About the documentary:
From 1911 to 1913, a legitimately "amazing race" was run. Envious of the tourists flocking to Seattle, the civic leaders of fledgling Bellingham devised an elaborate PR stunt: America’s first mountain adventure race. Offering up $100 in gold coins to the first runner who could clamber up and down nearby Mount Baker, a 10,781 foot volcanic, glacial peak! They attracted 14 contestants consisting of wrestlers, milk inspectors, loggers, farmers and miners.

Visit our webpage to learn more about the movie and how to get your very own ticket!

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