Hydration and Running

By: Chris

Keeping the body properly hydrated for running is vital to success, not matter the distance. Whether it's an ultra marathon in 85 degree heat or an easy 5-6 miles in a typical Seattle drizzle, knowing how and when to drink fluids can greatly increase performance and decrease recovery time. The following are some simple tips and rules that can help you to always be properly hydrated.

Something as simple as proper hydration can do wonders in how you feel and perform while running. I myself couldn't figure out why I felt so tired and fatigued on longer runs early on in my running career. I thought it was natural to progressively feel worse in runs due to being on my feet for so long. That is not the case at all. Drinking more fluids, especially an electrolyte drink, helped me to finish out runs feeling as strong as when I started. It's a very simple fix that can have a very positive impact.

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