Interview with 5k First Timers

By: Drew

Here at Fleet Feet Seattle we just recently completed a No Boundaries 5K and Beyond No Boundaries 10K Training Program, and like always we had some pretty awesome people in the group. Just in case you’re new to the blog or our store, No Boundaries (or NoBo if you’re feeling short on time) is a 5K training program for those new to running and walking or those that have taken sometime away from activity. It’s also great for anyone just looking to train with a group of great people! I thought I would take a few minutes to interview a couple folks who just completed their first, but I’m sure not last, 5K!

Elisa and Nick are the dynamic duo that I thought I’d introduce to you all, and this was their first time participating in a training program with us. They are great people who were dedicated to the program and rarely missed a practice!

Nick is on the left, Elisa is on the right, and they're with
Linda (friend and also 5k participant) just before their first 5k!

How did you hear about the No Boundaries 5K Training Program?
: Through Elisa’s coworker, who had really good things to say about her Fleet Feet Half Marathon group.
I don’t think she’d ever done a Fleet Feet training program before, but she’d heard good things about your group which is why she signed up for the Half Marathon training.

Were you runners before you started the No Boundaries program?
Not in the slightest. I had run in P.E., and ran as part of conditioning when I participated in the Crew (rowing) program at my high school. That was a while ago. :)
Like Nick, the last time I ran is when we were forced to do a mile in gym class. It was awful and I dreaded it every time. Although I was pretty active back then, I felt like running was not something I could do. The No Boundaries program changed my view of that, completely.

Do you guys run together?
We do, although not right next to each other! We have different paces, but we take the same route, and meet up at the end. Each of us uses a smartphone app to track our runs, it’s helpful to know when to turn around and not get too separated.
We both use the RunKeeper app and set it to interval training. Nick’s often starts a few seconds before mine, which is good, because he’s ahead of me and I can see when he starts his slow intervals. I like the visual cue that a “rest” is coming up.

What’s your favorite post run food?
Probably a banana. The Clif “Builder’s Bar” is also pretty good!
For a quick post run snack, definitely a banana or a Clif bar. But for a real meal, I love brunch…an egg scramble with veggies and hash browns. Throw in a Bloody Mary and I’m set for the day.

What did you like most about your first organized 5K race?
How diverse the participants were, in age, fitness level, and gender.  Being passed at a sprint by an 8 year old was a little humbling, though...
What Nick said...and I also enjoyed the excitement of it all. Plus, I didn't realize there'd be so many snacks available at the end! 

What’s next, fitness wise, for the two of you?
We're planning to make running part of our regular activities, and have already signed up for our next 5K, the Seafair Torchlight Run. At some point we may try longer distances, but we're happy with the 5K for now.
And we'd also like to do more hiking and bicycling.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?
I've been working my way through Iain M. Banks "Culture" books recently.  Good space opera :)
 "Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers" by Leonard Koren. He talks about a Japanese aesthetic relating to simplicity, imperfection and a beauty that may come as something ages. I read it for a class, and it will always stick with me.

A big THANK YOU to Elisa and Nick for agreeing to this little interview, but also to everyone that participated in No Boundaries and Beyond No Boundaries. If you’re interested in learning more about the program or would like to register for our next session (which begins August 19th) follow this link: Fleet Feet Fall No Boundaries Program.

Until then, you can find me taking a couple of suggestions from Elisa and Nick - I’ll be reading a good book and enjoying a Bloody Mary.

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