It's Like Flossing for Your Muscles

By: Chris

I don’t know if you have heard, but addaday is all the rage. Offering a wide range of massage tools to soothe all of your aching muscles, addady opts to use unique gears as opposed to a flat surface to break up muscle adhesions (knots). The separated gears provide uneven pressure that pushes oxygenated blood throughout the entire muscles, resulting in a healthier and happier muscle.


The Type-C roller (left) and Spiky roller (right) are two new products that have just arrived in the store. The Type-C Roller is much akin to the classic Type-A roller that we’ve had in the store for a year now. The new roller has rubberized gears designed to both be softer on the skin than the harder plastic and to grip the skin to manipulate and work-out muscle adhesions. The Spiky roller is similar to a traditional foam roller, but much more intense, in a good way. I personally have used them every day and am quite impressed by how much better my legs feel. It only takes five minutes or so any really makes a huge difference.

We as a staff are super excited about all that addaday has to offer when it comes to massage tools. They are easy to use and really do get the job done. Stop by the store and try them out for yourself or ask any of us for a demo!

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