Katie Takes Home Pint Strider Pint Glass

By: Andrea

Everybody, meet Katie. She's a regular participant and mentor in our training programs, and a fan of our Pint Striders monthly pub run. In fact, she's the third person to earn a Pint Striders pint glass for coming to 12 Pint Strider runs. I sat down with Katie (well, emailed her a few questions), and we discussed running, Pint Striders, and life.

What's your running story/history?
Oh geez. My running story is a bit boring. I ran track in middle school and then cross country in high school. After high school I just ran off and on until 2003 where I trained for my 1st half marathon with my dad. I continued to run for a few years after that until in 2005 I took a bit of a hiatus from running because of a health issue. I then started up with Fleet Feet in 2011 and haven't stopped running since.

What does earning the coveted Pint Striders pint glass mean to you?
Earning this pint glass means....that I ROCK! (is that too much?)

Of the 12 runs that you've attended, which one was your favorite Pint Striders?
I would have to say that the one that was my favorite so far was the July one. I am not sure what it was specifically about that one, but it's one that sticks out.

What is your beverage of choice to go into said pint glass? 
Is it sad that I have been drinking my milk in it? (No Katie, it's not. It does a body good.)

What is the meaning of Pint Striders?
The opportunity to hang with good friends doing something we all enjoy.

What is the meaning of running?
For me, running is a chance to let go of everything and start over.

What is the meaning of life?
Andrea, your questions are getting quite deep. I think essentially the meaning of life is the journey and not really just one specific thing, outcome or result. It's the process of living day to day. If you can find happiness in the day to day then that is to me the meaning of life.



Thank you, Katie for playing along! You too can join Katie every second Thursday of the month for our Pint Striders run. When you come to five runs, you get a Pint Striders shirt. Come to 12 and get the Pint Striders pint glass for all of your milk drinking needs.

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