Let's Get Visible!

We'll keep talking about this until we're blue in the face.  It's SOOOOOOO important to be lit up and visible if you are running or walking after dusk.


360 degrees of visibility. 

Do it.

Last year I was driving home at night. As I was about to make a left turn, I realized that a runner was all of sudden in the middle of the street. As you can imagine, we're extra sensitive to runners around here, and I was shocked that I didn't see him.  He was in head to toe black apparel, and he literally blended into the sidewalk. The crazy part is that he did have a headlamp on. I'm sure he thought he was being safe, and checked that mental box before he left the house. The problem was that he was parallel to me, and I couldn't see his light. This was an incredibly important reminder to me that not only do we need a light, but we need multiple lights, front and back, and we need to wear reflective clothing and accessories.  

The goal: be visible, all 360 beautiful degrees of you.

In our store right now we have reflective jackets, headbands, gloves, hats, shorts, tops, singlets, capris, handcuffs, and more. We have handheld lights, clip lights, shoe spur lights, bottles with lights, bottles, and more. Come in, and I'm sure we can find something that fits with your needs.

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