Meet our Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge Nutritionist

Our 12 week Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge begins February 1st, and we're challenging Seattle to lose a ton of weight. Literally.

Our program provides support and resources to make this goal fun, attainable, and educational. We are excited to be partnering with Nicole Seana as our program's registered dietician. Everyone meet Nicole!

Nicole Seana is a certified and registered dietitian who specializes in both athletic and medical nutrition. Her interest in athletics began in childhood, participating in basketball, gymnastics and equestrian competitions, starting to run competitively at age 12.  Since then, Nicole has competed in running events ranging from the 1500-10,000 meters as a collegiate athlete through 50 mile and 12 hour ultramarathon races in more recent years.  Her career combines her two passions of athletics and empowering her clients to achieve their goals. 

Nicole has spent the last 8 years caring for a wide variety of patients, ranging from the Nutrition Care Clinic to the intensive care unit at Swedish Medical Center.   She also runs a private practice for nutrition counselling, called Nourishing Nutrition. She leads nutrition seminars for athlete groups, sports teams and community clubs and has been a course coordinator in sports nutrition at Seattle University.  She works with individuals across the athletic spectrum, from professionally sponsored athletes and collegiate soccer players and runners to people just beginning their fitness journey who are looking for inspiration and guidance.

She will assist you in achieving your fitness goals and improving athletic performance through better nutrition.  Your plan will be specific to your physiology, food preferences and intolerances.  She will help you to achieve your fitness goals and harness your own motivation style.  She can also guide you in the nutrition management of your medical conditions if indicated.

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