Meet Rufus, A Brand New Marathon Maniac

By: Andrea

Rufus joined our marathon training program this past Spring to train for his first marathon, the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle in June 2013. Since then, he went from first time marathon to official Marathon Maniac in six months. Rufus is also a frequenter of our weekly runs and is known to drop off flowers for us! We heart Rufus!

1. How did you decide to run your first marathon?
June 2011 I watched the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon on Lake Washington Blvd. It was my first time watching one. I watched the fast to the slow runners; it was exciting and thought I want to run a Marathon.

2. How did you go from running your first marathon to Marathon Maniac in six months?Rufus Marathon Maniac
My first full was June 2013 Rock N Roll Seattle, and 2nd was Bellingham. At the Pasta dinner a woman asked me if I was trying to be a Marathon Maniac, I said no, not really knowing what a Maniac is. During the run I spoke with a woman who told me this was her 91st Marathon. That sounded crazy to me. I started looking at the Maniac website and the requirements to be Maniac. I entered my 3rd the Ghost of Seattle. On November 22nd I noticed that Heather & David (fellow Fleet Feet runners) had entered the Seattle Locks Marathon. I had not heard of this one; I entered. The minimum requirement is 3 Marathons in 90 days. If I can finish the Locks I will qualify. I left home about 7am, rode the bus there. My run time was 5.58, I was 4th from last to finish. I qualified to be a Maniac. It was great. They had a Maniac ceremony for me. Got home that day 4.30pm. Very long day.

3. What is your favorite running toy/accessory?
Amphipod belt with all of the extras, it can carry everything I need for long runs.

4. What's your favorite race and why?
My favorite race was the 2013 Cove to Clover Half, the route went thru my childhood neighborhood of Normandy Park. It may have been a one time only event. I ran well that day, and it was fun.

5. If you could only eat one flavor of energy gel for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hammer Huckleberry

6. What has surprised you most about training?
I have been surprised at how many of the Fleet Feet runners stick together at events, group photos, etc.  I have met many amazing people at Fleet Feet and look forward to much more.

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