Meet Your 5k & 10k Coaches & Mentors

We have put together quite a cast of characters to join you on your journey to give your 5k or 10k performance!

Our coaches and mentors have varied running backgrounds,  along with different reasons on what motivates them, and where they get inspiration along the way. We are excited to introduce you.

Future 5k & 10k Runners, meet your supporting cast:

Head Coach, Jaime
As a coach of NOBO 5k/10k, my main goal is to get people hooked on running. Running is my stress relief, my confidence, my inspiration, and my power. I want more people to have the chance to see what running can mean to them. I've been running since high school, where cross country and track were my favorite times of the day. Then I had the pleasure of being coached by Trisha and Uli Steidl for 2 years at Seattle University, where they taught me how to be a well rounded runner by teaching the importance of form, strength and mental toughness. Trisha and Uli also exposed me to the amazing trails in Washington, which is my favorite type of running. In the past 5 years, I've run about five trail 50ks and a handful of other trail races. I love writing out training plans, and I love filling out my running journal. And I feel so accomplished after completing a race that took HOURS of training. 

I'm also a social worker and believe in a holistic approach to pretty much everything. This training program will affect your life and your choices, just like your life will affect your running. Running is often a mental battle, and I'm always interested in helping people uncover what their mental battle is. I'm also passionate about paying attention to the effects of sleep, stress, nutrition, and....more stress. 

As a former Fleet Feet Seattle employee, I've coached several training programs and especially enjoy working with very beginner runners. NOBO aims to introduce you to a new way of being. The structure of the program is designed so that you can continue to run even after the program is over. In addition, as your running skills increase you can try adding more distance and join the other amazing Fleet Feet training programs. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Assistant Coach, Andrea
My main goal for this program is help all of the runners get to the point where they don't hate running. You don't have to love it, but I want you to feel good while you're out their committing your time and energy. And if you do love it by the end, BONUS! Prior to joining Brian in running our very own running store, I had run on and off with no serious training. Then I committed to doing a half marathon with one of the store's training programs and have been running (and working at the store) every since. In the last couple of years, I started trail running which I used to just be a race spectator at Brian's races years ago. And last March, I ran my first trail 50k at Chuckanut.

Working with the training programs is my favorite part about this job. I love the nervous excitement from the runners are the start of the program. Then as we hit each milestone, I love hearing - that was the longest I ever ran, that was the fastest I ever ran, and I didn't hate running today. It's fun to see friendships develop within the program as runners start to meet up after practice for coffee or during the week to get their workout done. And we can't forget race day. That's when we see the extra big smiles come out. I just end up with all the feelings on race day.

Mentor, David
I've had several running "lives", the runner in the 1980's who was marginally fast, raced a lot of 5K's and 10K's.  But by 1991, I had gotten out of the habit, gotten fat and then tore my knee up in a basketball game...badly.  Run? I couldn't even straighten the knee for the first 11 years. I didn't run again until a friend prodded me to try and in 2008 I went out for a 3 mile run, then a 4, then an 11, it was slow, painful, I got blisters (bad shoes!) and even with more than 17 years between runs, but I was hooked again.  

I kept going and that started running life #2, racing on most weekends, doing 5K's, 10K's, Half Marathons, trail runs and even a few Marathons...dropping 35lbs (50lbs of fat) in the process.
Running life #3 started in 2013 when I randomly saw a facebook post for a Ragnar relay team needing a runner, I joined that team on a whim.  Little did I know who I would meet in that van... Through that ongoing adventure, I joined the Fleet Feet Half Marathon training program in 2013, it was the first organized training I'd ever done.  I thought I was training well...I had completed 3 Marathons and dozens of Half Marathons...I was wrong.  The programs have left me fitter, faster and best of all, introduced me to the best friends I've ever had. 


Mentor, Heather
I joined Fleet Feet Distance Training over three years ago because I needed to prove to myself I could go the distance. Not only did FF help me succeed in this goal, but also to embrace running. Through running I met so many wonderful people (including my husband David (also a mentor), the coaches and all of the mentors). Running for me is not putting on shoes, sweating, huffing and puffing to exhaustion. Running is a way to relax, raise my energy, to be social or to meditate; running is a way to leave work behind and embrace time with my friends. 

I am passionate about running.  I'm not fast - but I am a runner!!  I have finished dozens of races from silly fun run 5ks to a grueling 50k. I have run in NV, FL, OR, ID and WA. I have run through beautiful urban settings and on fantastic remote trails. I love to encourage people to begin their self journey whether it's for heath reasons, weight loss, a desire to finish a race, or other life style changes!!  I can help you do this - and hope to inspire you to push yourself further than you can imagine!! I can't wait to meet you!!


Mentor, Jeremy
Howdy everyone.  In 2011, I woke up one sunny summer day and realized I need to make a change in my life.  I was out of shape and unhappy.  I rolled out of bed, put on some old running shoes, and went for a jog.  It wasn’t too long into the run that I had to walk and realized I needed to join a program to keep me running.  Soon thereafter, I joined a program and haven't looked back.  

Running has been one of the greatest pastimes I’ve developed as an adult.  I’ve run around the U.S. and beyond, meeting new people, seeing new sights, and continually growing more in awe of our world and the people in it.  I’ve also come to know that I can trust my legs.  Not too far into my running life, I “accidentally” signed up for a marathon.  The training was hard, and the weather uncooperative, yet I finished that race.  It was slow as molasses and still the only marathon I’ve done.  But I knew the entire time that my legs would keep me going no matter what. 
I look forward to getting to know each of you and helping you learn to trust your legs.  We live in a breathtaking city filled with eye-catching vistas and warm people.  Many of the wondrous things in this city can’t be truly experienced unless you’re on foot.  I’m excited to see the sights and be a part of your running.  


Mentor, Karen
I started running five years ago when I decided it would be fun to participate in the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I had never ever ever run before, but strutting down the Las Vegas strip at nighttime while covered in spandex sounded like a blast, so I found an online training program, googled the best place to buy running shoes in Seattle (it was Fleet Feet, duh!) and ended up crossing the finish lines of my first ever 5 and 10K races as part of that online training program. In hindsight, I do realize that most Las Vegas evenings are spent strutting down the Las Vegas strip at nighttime while covered in spandex, but the race was indeed a blast and by the time it was over, I had officially caught the running bug. I did walk for a good portion of that first race, but I also ran for the longest period of time than I ever had before needing to stop and my next goal became to run an entire half marathon.  I didn't want to train via an online program again - my personality type needs more accountability - so I decided to sign up for one of the Fleet Feet training program that I had heard about during my inaugural visit to the store for a shoe fitting. 16 weeks later, I had met my goal - Seattle Rock n Roll was in the bag and I hadn't walk any of it! I've been a regular member of Fleet Feet training programs ever since - whether it is training for my own races or helping other participants meet their goals. 

This will be my third time mentoring NoBo, a truly great program. One of my most favorite things is to hear participant stories about what motivated them join, especially because the stories don't just motivate them, but everyone around them.  My other favorite thing is race day - all the smiling faces, funny signs and cowbells... yeah, did I mention I own a cowbell? More cowbell!

Mentor, Sarah
My goal as a mentor is to provide any support and encouragement I can to participants in the training program to help them achieve their goals. I've been a participant in Fleet Feet training programs for about three years now. The programs help motivate me to get up and out; they challenge me more than I wouldmyself; and they provide an excellent resource for running information and for camaraderie. I've benefited greatly and have met some really wonderful, kind, supportive people through Fleet Feet so I'm hoping to give a little of that back.

I started running in graduate school. I'd put on some weight and didn't want to have to buy a new wardrobe so I decided it was time to work off a few of those new pounds. Back then, I hated running but I was working full-time and going to school part-time so didn't have a lot of extra time for exercise. Running seemed to be the most bang for my limited time buck. It was painful and slow at first and I didn't enjoy it at all but somehow I managed to stick it out. I remember when a mile was a lot of work and not much fun. Eventually, though, I could do it without as much difficulty, and I graduated to running 5ks. Somewhere along the way, I started liking running and now, many miles later, I love it! It's become not a chore but something I look forward to doing. The most common distance I train for and enjoy these days is the half marathon but I've also done a couple of Ragnar relays as part of an ultra team and ran my first full marathon this year.

Mentor, Wendy
I started running (steadily) about three and a half years ago when some friends asked me to join a Ragnar Relay team.  I had tried running off and on through the years, but it never really stuck.  This time it did.  I started chatting with my runner niece who lives in Spokane who had run several half marathons and was eyeing a full.  Next thing I knew, I was registered for Fleet Feet's 1/2 marathon training with a little voice (my niece's) in my brain about someday doing a full marathon. That was just over three years ago and since then I've run almost 30 half marathons, 4 full marathons, 2 50ks, 6 200 mile relays and a number of other races ranging from a 5k run that ended jumping in Lake Washington on New Years Day to some 25k trail runs.

My running career highlights include finishing my very first, very challenging 50k two months before I turned 50, sharing my love of running with my daughter and granddaughter and PRing my half marathon time at the age of 49.  But truly one of my running highlights was simply walking through the doors of Fleet Feet! Signing up for my first training program has simply changed my life.  I've made some great friends, met so many wonderful people and have seen walkers turn into runners.  


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