Every four years, we get to watch, cheer, and celebrate the best runners in the world.

At Fleet Feet Sports Seattle, we get to watch, cheer, and celebrate runners that come to our store and are part of our running community each and every day. You all have goals you're training for and stories that have made these goals fulfilling, inspiring, or heartbreaking. This August, we want to share your stories. So here we go...


You are invited to share with us your 2016 Podium Moment. This could be a goal that you've already achieved this year or one that you are training hard for in the months to come. It might be a PR, your first race ever, a new distance, first trail run / Spartan run / triathlon / Ragnar relay, trail running for the first time, or anything that you are proud of or are working towards accomplishing this year.

Email us your photo and a paragraph about your Podium Moment.

As we celebrate the best of the best in August, join our Fleet Feet Crew in celebrating all of the Podium Moments in our community!

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