On Running Boston: Rebecca

Rebecca is a past participant in our Distance Training programs. She recently completed the Boston Marathon, and we asked her what was the best part about running the Boston Marathon. In true Rebecca fashion (you'll see her at area races in full costume), she replied with a poem. - Andrea

There are certain members of the population
Whose idea of a normal April vacation
Isn’t themepark selfies or online sales
But running until they lose their toenails.
These curious creatures dream of a Patriot’s Day
That starts on a bus headed Hopkinton way
And after 26.2 miles on their feet
Ends by turning left on Boylston Street.

Boston! It’s the crazy opportunity
To be subsumed by the marathon community.
Collectively emptying Massachusetts of gluten
To overcome the hills of Newton
Queuing for every bathroom in the city
(Pre-race jitters don’t smell pretty).
Thousands of runners, as they have done for eons
Lighting up streets with compression gear and neons! 

Fleet Feet provided spiritual advice
Like, avoid pre-race fiber at any price!
Don’t overload your taper with rice and pasta
(Constipation makes you slow, not faster)
And you can carboload more than Shrek,
Do dynamic stretches and a weekly fartlek
But if you go out too hard when you hear the gun
Those forty-two kilometers won’t be much fun. 

Boston helps identify your truest friends
Who tolerate weather checking that never ends
And experience the power of electrolyte gels
To empty a room with inhuman smells.
So while it took me a few attempts to do
Every blister was worth that BQ!
While around the world there are races plenty
There’s nothing like crossing that finish line on April 20.

Rebecca living it up at the Boston Marathon Expo

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