#racedayritual: adiUltra Team Edition

Today we share race day rituals from the members of the adiUltra Team. Following along on their racing adventures via their facebook page. #racedayritual

Ian Torrence – adiUltra Team manager, ultrarunning coach at McMillan Running
I toss and turn, flip and flop thinking about the impending effort the night before an event.  So I never sleep well.  My pre-race ritual actually begins 48 hours before by ensuring that I sleep well two nights preceding the race (9-10 hours is best). 

James Bonnett – adiUltra Team member
1: This a pre pace ritual way before the race happens but when I set a goal I typically won’t cut my hair throughout the training cycle then sometime during the taper I will cut it or let it be.  
2: The morning of a race I always eat a bowl of cereal, it’s something I have always done since I was a young kid.
3: Read a good book to fall asleep . This helps keep me my mind calm and mind off the race. 

Brian Tinder – adiUltra Team member
Wake up and pray. Drink about 20 oz of dark coffee. Eat 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Paulette Stevenson – adiUltra Team member
I get up EARLY to make sure I eat a good breakfast, drink a cup of coffee, and hydrate. Because I’m a bit afraid of being late or scrambling to get stuff done, I’m neurotic about getting race site early. The rest of the morning is about hanging with friends and family before I venture out on a long journey.


                    IAN                                           JAMES                                      BRIAN


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