#racedayritual: Brooks Beast Track Club Edition

Today we share race day rituals from the members of the Brooks Beast Track Club. Following along on their racing adventures via their twitter. #racedayritual

Deb Maier:
1. 9 is my lucky number from my soccer days when I worshipped Mia Hamm. Even though soccer is no longer my sport, old habits die hard and I still have to stop my watch on a time ending on 9 during my pre-race warmup.
2. I HAVE to have some sort of braid in my hair for the race. 

The following were shared via the Brooks blog and written by Riley Masters:

Megan Malasarte:
"While she is at a meet she wears the same socks!!  This includes for each round.  Please keep in mind that there can be up to 3 rounds for her race, the 800 meter!"

Garrett Heath:
"Before every race Garrett will be seen sucking down a cup of Joe while listening to his favorite play list.  Even though “Ice, Ice, Baby” has made the pre-race play list, he sticks to hot coffee before circling the track." 

Angela Bizzari:
"Ever since high school, when Angela runs a personal best she credits her delicious breakfast of Eggo Waffles for her ability to tear up the track that day.  She puts a new meaning behind “Lego my Eggo!" 

Mark Wieczorek:
"When Mark leaves for the track he is always dressed in the typical runner “short shorts.”  However, if you have ever seen Wizzo race you will notice that he never competes in shorts, he exclusively rocks half tights. Similar to Clark Kent and his alter ego, Superman, Mark finds a place to change into his super-race-hero outfit and to put on his lucky half tights." 


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