#racedayritual: FF Staff Edition

With a lot of races on the calendar this month, it got us thinking about our race day rituals? What are the things we do before each and every race?

Pin my bib on before I leave home. It gets me excited about the race and feeling ready!

A strong cup of coffee and oatmeal before heading out. 

I eat 2 eggs overeasy with toast for breakfast the morning of. Then play candy crush or the like to distract myself the last half hour or so before having to warm up.

I find that I am consistently inconsistent. With the exception of listening to 'Remember the Name', everything else is different each and every time.


I always like to keep race mornings as simple as possible. I will have laid out what I plan to wear the night before, including weather contingencies. The morning of I will eat a piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly at least two hours before the event and try to drink 20 or so ounces of water. I like to get to the start early and on my way there I'll eat a banana. Mostly my race day rituals revolve around eating. Samantha and I also always talk about what we are going to eat and drink afterwards.  

Before every race I'll crush up my race bib number before pinning it on.  It started in high school cross country when our coach told us the bib would not catch wind and flap around like a sail if it was creased. Twenty-five years and 300+ races later the ritual still takes place! 

I eat oatmeal and a banana in the morning, 4 hours out from the race. Then I lay down with my legs up ad compression socks on and ready a book until I drive over to compete. I also drink coffee an hour before warming up. 

Laying out my outfit and pinning on my bib the night before.  This includes everything I'm bringing to the race!  I guess technically it's a 'night before' ritual. 


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