Ragnar: A Runmance

I like to talk about runmances, because it's a thing. It's entirely truthfully lovingly a THING. We see it at our store with our week night fun run folks, our training program folks, and even our staff. There's something kind of special about meeting a fellow runner that you really hit it off with. Let me introduce you to Heather and Dave. Heather joined one of our past half marathon training programs and through it met Wendy. Wendy invited Heather to join her Ragnar Northwest Passage 2013 team, which led to Heather meeting a guy named Dave in their van. These two have been inseparable ever since. How do I know? Dave started joining Heather at our training programs and our week night fun runs. We got to know Dave as well as Heather. Fast forward a year to Ragnar Northwest Passage 2014... and well, I'll let Dave take it from here.

By: Dave

Ragnar by itself is a wonderful team running event.  I love it, and we’re signing up for more relays because of the fun experience, but for this one I have a unique story, my personal tale of Ragnar Northwest Passage 2014.

One of the things that makes Ragnar special to me was meeting Heather in the van last year. 

Literally met her in the van.

We were both last minute replacements, she knew Wendy, I knew no one…I heard about a team needing a runner on a Facebook post and did a snap ‘why not’ decision to join.  The event in 2013 was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done…but at the end of the day, Heather and I were ‘just friends’.  Through a series of misunderstandings, I thought she was in a complicated relationship, and she thought I was married.  It took several weeks and ongoing communications to figure out we were both available, a few shows, a few dinners and we’ve been together ever since.  So Ragnar will always be that special thing that brought us together.

So if you find the one who you want to be with forever…why not go over the top to let her know?

I bought a ring.  I hid it in my bag….under her seat.  While she was on her last leg of this year's Ragnar, I moved it to my hydration belt…She sat on the ring, in the belt, for 4 hours.

Months earlier, I talked my team into letting me be the 12th runner.  I used the excuse that I wanted to support all the other runners during their legs and going last would be like a ‘warm up’ for my own legs.  This actually is a legitimate thing, I think I ran 4-5 miles taking ice, water and gels to our team…but it was a total ruse.  I really just wanted to run the 36th and last leg so I could control when we went across the line and when we got to the photographer.

Yes, I’d been planning this for about four months.

As we gathered near the photo backdrop I quietly told the photographer “Keep shooting, I’ll make it interesting”  After 3 shots, I walked around the group and said “Wait…I have one more thing”

I got down on my knee.

Unfortunately Heather was already down on her knee for the picture.  She was so spent from the runs, I had to get back up, help her up and then go back down to one knee again.

I proposed…formally, with an actual engagement ring this time instead of mood rings…at the Ragnar banner.

I have the pictures to prove it.

Ragnar Northwest Passage Proposal

The mood rings is another story...I'll tell it to you during a training run sometime.

Ragnar Northwest Passage Kiss

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