Runner Turned Whaler

Do you every wonder what your favorite former Fleet Feet staff member is now up to? Andrea catches up with past staff members and reports back on their current adventures!

By: Eliza

After running competitively in college, I always imagined I'd spend a lot of my free time running as an adult in the working world. Ongoing runner's knee has put a damper on the plan so far, but my experience as an employee at Fleet Feet helped ease that transition. It was always such a pleasure to be immersed in running culture, continuing to talk the talk, even when I couldn't fully engage in the wonderful activity myself.

Since leaving Fleet Feet, I've become a full time employee with the National Marine Mammal Laboratory on Sand Point where I work in the large whale acoustics program. This means from August to September, I get to spend our forty day field season on a boat in the Arctic helping with 24/7 acoustic monitoring operations. It's a stunning environment, and I love boat life; however, it's very hard to stay active when your entire world occurs on a 160 foot stretch of rusting, belching, boat deck. Lucky for my team and me, Summer 2013 proved a charmingly calm one on these often treacherous seas, and we were able to try all of the following to stay sane: rowing (an erg served as the single piece of workout equipment on board), abdominal exercises, pull ups, jumping rope, yoga, Zumba, and yes, running in circles on the back deck. On several of our calmest days, I found myself jogging in awkward, oblong circles, leaping over chain and line and shackles, just to get the blood flowing and burn a little pent up energy. And I have to say, running on a boat in the Arctic sunlight, even if for only fifteen minutes, brought such joy to my heart and delight to my legs. Where there's a will there's a way, folks: you can run anywhere.


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