Running and Living Longer

By: Andrea

A new study published by The Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that even running just five minutes a day makes a big difference in keeping your heart healthy and living longer. We know that exercise doesn't get any easier than putting on your running shoes and heading out your door. Now we know that even if we are just fitting in a mini run, 5, 10 15 minutes, it is still making a difference.

“We think this is really encouraging news,” said Timothy Church, a professor at the Pennington Institute who holds the John S. McIlHenny Endowed Chair in Health Wisdom and co-authored the study. “We’re not talking about training for a marathon,” he said, or even for a 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) race. “Most people can fit in five minutes a day of running,” he said, “no matter how busy they are, and the benefits in terms of mortality are remarkable.”

The NY Times Well Blog does a good job summarizing the findings and also links the study's abstract.

Have you ever headed out the door knowing you had just five minutes to run, but you just needed to move your legs and get your heart pumping?

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