Running: Good for the Bones

By: Drew

Have you ever been told, most likely by someone that does not run, that all that running is bad for you?

There’s a new study out from researchers at the University of Bristol that shows that high impact exercise, like running, can actually encourage bone growth. This does come with some stipulations; the exercise does need to be quite forceful - exposing the body to 4 G’s of impact or greater. Most of my knowledge of G forces comes from watching movies like Apollo 13 and Top Gun, so it’s pretty limited. The researchers did learn that running at a 10-minute mile pace or jumping onto and off of a box that’s 15 inches high can create the necessary force.

Obviously 10-minute miles are out of reach for some, but what encouraging evidence to start running when young. Next time someone tells you that the force from running is bad for you, hand over a copy of this peer-reviewed study, or just invite them on a run!

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