Scenic 11 Mile Route

By: Jaime Clark

I created this route for the last year's Spring Rock n' Roll training program, and it's become one of my favorite runs. Running through Beacon Hill is always a treat. My recommendation is to take your pack with you and stop into the various grocery stores stocked with Mexican delicacies and ingredients. If you haven't run on Chesty Blvd, you need to. It's a beautiful (nearly car-free) downhill stroll. Next up is Mount Baker, you're halfway through your run, take your mind off it and look at the fancy houses. Take a look at the Lake Washington, and then turn off on the Dose Terrace stairs. Feeling crazy? Do some stair reps. Lastly, you've made it to Madrona...start the climb back to the Hill.

Try out the route and post your thoughts. I challenge you to make the route more interesting, especially at the end.

11 mile route

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