Sock Drive for the Homeless

This month, we are hosting a Sock Drive for the Homeless. We are always talking about how important it is to have dry and comfortable feet; they go a long way to helping you feel warm. With our cold and wet Winters, we want to get great socks out to homeless teens, women, and men in Seattle.

Help us reach our goal of collecting 350 pairs (250 pairs first goal reached!)of new and gently used socks! We have challenged ourselves and our vendors to help us match those socks, to see if we can get to 500 pairs!

Socks will be distributed to YouthCare, Noel House, and Tent City 3. (Reuters photo article about America's tent cities, that features Seattle's Tent City 3.)

UPDATE: January 1
Thank you to everyone for your contributions! We also received our last batch of vendor match socks; big thanks to Balega for 54 pairs! We collected an impressive amount of socks for the groups at Youthcare, Noel House, and Tent City 3. The grand total comes to 540 pairs!

Customer & Staff Donations: 294
Vendor Match: 166
Fleet Feet Seattle Match: 70
Total Pairs: 540 Pairs 

UPDATE: December 21
We hit our goal! Customers and staff have brought in over 252 pairs of socks. With 10 days left, let's up that to 350 pairs from customers and staff. We also received a very generous donation from ASICS and our rep, Jenn. Thank you for the 51 pairs of socks!

Customer & Staff Donation: 252
Vendor Match: 112 
Total Pairs: 364 Pairs


UPDATE: December 17
We got a nice little boost that put us over the halfway mark. We're at 132 pairs of socks from our customers and staff. Thanks to our Swiftwick Socks rep, Stan, for donating 33 pairs of socks!

Customer & Staff Donations: 132
Vendor Match: 48
Total Pairs: 182 Pairs


UPDATE: December 12
We are at 116 pairs of socks. We're just shy of being half way there! Thank you to Brooks and our rep, Hannah, for donating 5 pairs of socks! 

Customer & Staff Donations: 116
Vendor Match: 15
Total Pairs: 131 


UPDATE: December 9
We are at 75 pairs of socks with 50 of those socks coming from Wendy! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Thank you to Newton Running and our rep, Daniel, for being the first vendor to drop off socks! We appreciate your 10 pairs!

Customer Donations: 75
Vendor Match: 10
Total Pairs: 85 

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