Some Running Great Dads

By: Andrea

Three of our runners share why their dads earn the #1 Dad award.

Kelli Vincente Fox
My dad is awesome. One example (among trillions): before Fleet Feet, Dad came with me once when I went into Seattle Running Co. to buy a pair of Michaelshoes. I used to hate buying new shoes because my feet are really big and I have to buy men's shoes and it used to make me self-conscious (I'm over it now, thanks). I made some comment to my dad about my ridiculous feet and was expecting a teasing, sarcastic answer to mock the beasts, but instead he said, "you can't build a good house without a good foundation!" And for whatever reason, I immediately felt better about my big ol' feet. Love you Papacito!

David Duarand
My dad got me started in running and would run with me in the neighborhood. I was overweight as a kid and got last place in the all-city xc race in Spokane in 4th grade but you would have thought I won by how he acted and encouraged me to keep running and train for Bloomsday. I improved enough that by 6th grade all-city xc I placed 7th! I was somewhat disappointed though since top 6 got medals. My dad went to the trophy shop and had them make me a custom plaque and of all the ribbons, medals, trophies and plaques I earned over the years combined don't measure up to the one my dad got for me! On top of that he didn't miss a single high school xc or track meet of mine!

Katie Kleven
My Dad, affectionately known as "Big Lar", was a runner all through my childhood. I never really paid much attention to it because I lived with my mom Big Larand was definitely not a runner at that time. I started running about 4 years ago and my Dad has been my biggest cheerleader! AND, I've come to fin out along the way that he was quite the badass in his prime! Back in February he underwent emergency open heart surgery to repair two tears in his aorta. There is no way he should have survived. But...because if years of running he has a stronger heart than most. My Pa came to visit last weekend and told me that he has started running again! I am constantly inspired by his resilience. I'm so proud to get to be the one to cheer HIM on as he makes his way through recovery. The only picture I have of him on my phone is from when he was in the hospital. He would kill me if I used that because he doesn't want people to think of him as a sick person. The man is a fighter! I am so proud to be his daughter.

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