Speed Session Alum Still Incorporates Workouts on Weekly Basis

By: Drew

A couple of weeks ago I overheard Chris talking with Danielle, they were catching up because Danielle had participated in the Fall Speed Sessions that Chris had coached. I heard her mention that she was still meeting up with a few people for weekly track workouts that she had learned during the program. It made me SO happy to hear her say that, when the brothers Auld and I were creating the program last spring our goal was to give runners the tools necessary to get faster and become more whole runners. 

Since we are nearing the start our latest round of Speed Sessions I thought it would be fun to ask Danielle about her experience with the program and share it with all of you.

Drew:  How did you decide to participate in the Fall Speed Sessions?
Danielle: I decided to participate in the Fall Speed Sessions because I had never done anything like it before! Despite having run for a number of years and hearing all about the benefits of speedwork, I felt intimidated and wasn't sure how to get started. The Speed Sessions seemed like a great way to learn and practice speedwork. 

Drew: What did your training look like before the Speed Sessions?
Danielle: Prior to starting the program, I was running 3-4 days a week (2-3 shorter runs during the week and 1 longer run on the weekend). I tried to run a bit faster during the weekday runs and slower during the long runs, but I wasn't doing specific workouts or paying too much attention to pace. 

Drew: How has your training changed since you participated in the Speed Sessions?
Danielle: The biggest change in my training is that I am still incorporating speedwork! I aim to get to the track or do a hill workout once a week. 

Drew: Do you still run with anyone from the group?
Danielle: Yes! Everyone in the program was very nice and welcoming. My friend and I got to know one of the other women in the group and we still meet up once a week at the track.

Drew: Have you seen gains in your running since you've added some speed work to your training?
Danielle: I think one of the great things about speedwork is that you can easily track your progress. Our running group continues to do several of the workouts we did during the program, and we've seen some awesome improvements in our speed. 

Drew: Anything else?
Danielle: I highly recommend the Speed Sessions, no matter your level of experience! It's a great way to improve your fitness and meet a fun group of people.

Thanks so much to Danielle for letting me pick her brain! If you’re interested in our Spring Speed Sessions or have any questions about them, I’m here to answer them. Otherwise I hope to see you on Monday, April 6th for the first workout!

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