Staff Reviews: Cascadia Short

From the very first time I wore an early pair of Cascadia shorts last spring, they have been my top pick for all my long runs.  I first ran in the shorts last May.  I had done all but my last long training run leading up to Western States by that point.  For that last long 30 miler I wore the Cascadia short and was super impressed.  So much so, in fact, that I opted to wear them at Western States.  I had a lot of issues over the course of the day, but none of them had anything to do with my shorts.  For over 27 hours, in extreme heat, the Cascadia shorts never bunched, chafed, rubbed, or made me even consider them for a second.  These shorts are simply amazing!

I love the shorts! The material is tough but light, very comfortable on the skin even on the longest stride. The length was comfortable as well, even with some elevation and demanding climbs it never bit or pinched. The pocket is in the perfect place - usually if there's a zip pocket it's on the back, but the side pocket makes it much more accessible but still secure. Definitely a short that I'll be wearing for a long time.

The Brooks Cascadia short in my new go-to favorite. The material is both durable and light, combining for an amazing feel. The wide waistband and fitted liner give the short a perfect fit. The many pockets are a must-have on long trail and road runs, with the largest pocket accommodating most phones with no bounce! All-in-all, the Cascadia short is a must have for any outdoor adventure!

I love the fit of my Cascadia shorts! They have pockets for my runs around town and longer days on the trails. For me a mid length short is perfect for the trails, allowing full range of motion as I charge up and down hills. Surprise element was how well water sheds off the shorts as I'm spending my days running around the Pacific Northwest. Happy running indeed :) 

I literally just got back from running in mine. The quick-access stash pocket is great for storing nutrition or anything else you might need to grab easily on the go. The sweat-resistant pocket can handle large (though not the largest) phones. And the cut of the leg is a really nice length that helps prevent chafing combined with a slimmer leg so it doesn’t feel like too much material. A go-to pair of shorts for sure.


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