The Long Haul

By: Drew

I tend to find shorts that I love and wear them all the time (much to the dismay of fellow runners and my wife).  A couple of years ago I found this love in The North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Shorts (long name, I know), so when we got the new version of them in the shop it was a true test of my devotion.

I love the versatility of these shorts. They have a 9-inch inseam so they are perfect if you aren’t into showing a lot of leg when you run (and let’s be honest, if you run trails sometimes it's nice when the guy in front of you on a hill doesn’t have super short split shorts on).  The longer length is also great because with all the storage in these shorts (more on that later) they double as a fantastic short for hiking or any number of outdoor activities. A compressive liner short holds on to your leg and eliminates nearly any risk of chaffing. 

Back to storage. These shorts have it and plenty of it. On the back of the shorts is the standard zippered pocket and on either side of that is a slide in waistband pocket, for convenient access. The real standouts though are on the liner of the shorts. On the left leg liner is a stow pocket that is separated into three sections that perfectly hold gels or other nutrition.  The right leg liner has one larger stow pocket that could fit extra nutrition or I think it would be perfect to stash your empty gel packets (because doesn’t it tick you off when you see empty gel packets on the trail or road?).

Whether your Long Haul is spending hours running on trails, hiking, or pounding the pavement for a mile or two- these shorts will help you accomplish it comfortably and with enough leg covered to stop for some coffee afterwards.  Stop in and try them on, let me know what you think.

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