The Perfect Recovery Food

By: Jaime Clark

Looking for the perfect recovery snack? Meet the EGG.

I love eggs in every form, but boiled eggs are easiest to transport. At the beginning of the week, I make a batch of boiled eggs and add them to my greens, roasted veggies, bacon. Often I find boiled eggs in my coat pocket or forgotten lunch bags...EGGS everywhere.

I like the yoke of my eggs to be kinda melty 'n soft. So here's my recipe.
*Boil a pot of water
*Once water is boiling turn it down a bit, Med High
*Carefully, add the eggs
*Find your preferred water temp
*I like Med heat, barely bubbling 
*Wait 9 mins
*Take the eggs out and give 'em a cold rinse (this makes it easier to peel later)
Enjoy your 6 grams of protein POWER!

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