The Sock Guy's (TSG) Favorite Socks Series

By: The Sock Guy (TSG) (aka Dan)

Feetures Elite Merino Wool Light Cushion Socks

The Feetures Merino Wool Light Cushion socks are some of my favorite socks to wear EVER because of how soft and comfortable they are. Merino wool is an awesome fabric because it comes from the sheep that live in the mountains of New Zealand. These sheep live at such a high altitude that they have to endure both the scorching summers and frigid winters. In order to stay comfortable, their wool needs to be good at managing these temperature fluctuations by being light and breathable. This translates into a nice feeling sock that can be used at all times of the year. The fit of the sock is also very nice for activity due to it being a secure fit on the foot that reduces the movement of the sock in the shoe. An added bonus is that these socks have fibers from bamboo trees that make them extra soft and unlike any other that I have tried. Come by the store and pick up a pair because i can guarantee that you will love them just like I do!


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