'Twas the Night Before Race Day

'Twas the Night Before Race Day
By: Andrea 

'Twas the night before race day, when all through our town
No one was running around this fair Puget Sound
The runners had trained, fartleks, hills, and speed work
This all added up, leaving nothing to guesswork
They gathered their gear and laid out their flat selves
Crossing their fingers for no mischievous elves

'Twas time to sit down and enjoy their Nuun Toddy
And reflect on their hard work by their strong bodies
Saturday long runs, midweek workouts with friends
It was hard work, leaving them spent by the weekend
Fleet Feet helped make it easier and certainly more fun
With Addaday massages by Brian post run 

There was nothing left to do, it was time for bed
While visions of vanilla GU danced in their heads
They tossed and they turned, and dreamed of the finish line
Bolted up from their sleep, were they out of their minds?!
They remembered, '"You Got This!" "Be Strong" "Dig Deep"
Their loved ones' cheers and support lulled them back to sleep

Rise and shine, the starting line was calling their names
They were ready to put Meb's past runs to shame
The morning routine: breakfast, coffee, and poop
It's here, race day has finally arrived. Whoop, Whoop!
To the starting line they go, runners large and small
Now race away, race away, race away all! 

You may run by yourself, with a tribe or Pink Caboose
However you do it, enjoy and let loose
You're flying and smiling, a machine on the road
Your training has dialed you up to Beast Mode
You did it! You finished! The medal is out of sight!
Happy race day to all, and to all a good night!

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