Two Featured Short Sleeve Tops

Short sleeve running tops don't have to be boring. In fact, they can be good looking, technical, buttery soft and may make you consider wearing them outside of just your run. Michele and Sean share their reviews on two tops that we have in store.

Women's PureProject SS by Michele
I have the Brooks Pureproject shirt which I wore on a recent run in the Enchantments (yes that very same run that Brian tragically broke his foot on)! This shirt served me well. It was light weight, breathable and wonderfully non-chaffing. I especially like the feminine fit of the sleeves and the elastic drawstrings on the sides that make it more form fitting then just another running shirt. The moisture wicking yarn kept my skin dry and comfortable! This shirt is definitely a keeper, and one I will wear for many more runs.

Michele on the left in the Enchantments with her PP Shirt

Men's Nike Dri-Fit Knit Novelty Crew by Sean
The Nike Dri-Fit Knit Novelty Crew is one of my favorite new apparel items we carry in the store. The material itself is a little thicker than your average running shirt, but it holds up great on the run, wicks away sweat and moisture pretty well. As it is a little bit of a heavier material, the shirt works well for days when the temperature is on the cooler side, and you don't need to worry about staying cool. It also works great as a top layer for a colder day as you can add a base layer under it really easily. Perhaps my favorite part about the shirt is that it looks great as a casual shirt to wear when you're not running, too. Throw it on with a pair of jeans or shorts for a comfortable weekend look!

Chris giving the Novelty Crew his seal of approval

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