In light of Monday's events at the Boston Marathon, it's hard to even know where to begin this.  It was such a tragic day for our country and our sport in particular.  Our thoughts go out to the city of Boston and all of those affected by the events that unfolded on Monday. 

Most of you reading this can probably relate to the elation one experiences at the finish line of a race.  It's the triumphant culmination of weeks and weeks of hard work and dedication to a singular goal.  That elation is heightened by the presence of friends and family there to support you as you cross the finish line.  Andrea has been there waiting at nearly all of my finishes, and now Jack is there with her.  Many times my mom and sister and other family have been there as well.  It is so heartbreaking to think that such a pure and positive experience could be so nightmarishly ruined. 

As terrifying as Monday's explosions were, we can't just stop showing up.  To have a goal and complete it and to then celebrate with family and friends is just too important to let go.  Plus think about how much fundraising happens for most of these races.  So take this time to reflect and send your thoughts to those so tragically affected at Boston, but let's continue to show up in force at great events like the Boston Marathon.


Brian Morrison
Fleet Feet Sports Seattle  

PS - We're joining running stores across the country in hosting a store run on Monday in honor of Boston.  Check out the details of our UNSTOPPABLE for Boston 2.62 mile run.

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