Intro to Trail Running Workshop

Have you been wanting to learn more about trail running? Maybe you've done a bit of urban trail running and now you're wanting to take it to the foothills. Well, this is just the program for you. We will be hosting an Intro to Trail Running workshop beginning October 6th.

The workshop will be held each Sunday of October, and we will be meeting at different trail running locales each week. This won't be a training program in the traditional sense. There's no goal race at the end. The idea is to introduce aspiring trail enthusiasts to new trails and to some of the gear and techniques that will allow them to comfortably and confidently take to the trail on their own.

This program will be led by trail running veterans Brian Morrison and Jaime Clark. The cost is $75 for the 4 weeks.

Each session will take place at Tiger Mountain. We will meet at the trail head (not the store) at 9 am.  Plan on each session taking up to two hours.  The amount will vary per session depending on the topics to be covered that day. Topics that will be covered in the workshop include safety, nutrition, uphill running, downhill running, core strength, and equipment.

To park at Tiger Mountain, you will need to get the Discover Pass, which is not included with the program.  There are annual and day pass options. 

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